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Mary Hall is no longer a towhead. Butch Corbett is still thin, but not the beanpole he once was. And Tom Paquin 's carrot top is thinner and grayer. Twenty or so people who were children when they posed in the s and '50s for their neighbor Norman Rockwell in the Vermont town of Arlington are reuniting there Saturday to share their memories of the great American artist who once lived in their midst.

Rockwell captured scenes of everyday life in his paintings and illustrations for covers of the Saturday Evening Post , for the Boy Scouts and for its publication Boys' Life, art now considered the very definition of Americana. She appeared as a blond girl wrapped in a quilt and being carried out of a flood by a Boy Scout in an image that became a cover of Boys' Life, and as a teenager in a skirt, white blouse, bobby socks and loafers on a Post cover from It was called "Christmas Homecoming" and showed people welcoming home a young man who's carrying a suitcase full of dirty laundry.

An estimated people from the area modeled for Rockwell during his 14 years in the southern Vermont town.

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Of the 70 or so still living, the oldest is 93 he can't make it to the reunion. Many still live in and around Arlington.

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Among the models planning to join in is Mary Whalen , who posed for the popular image of a rugged-looking school girl with braids and a black eye, waiting outside a principal's office. The former models have gotten together before, but this weekend is special.

They have been invited to view a new gallery of Rockwell prints and memorabilia that is taking the place of a recently closed Rockwell museum. The new owners are treating them to a turkey lunch in honor of Rockwell's famous painting of an excited family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. That while he lived in Arlington he did his best work, probably Rockwell was a full-fledged member of the town, attending school basketball games and square dances, and had a great sense of humor, his neighbors recall.

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But as one of America's foremost artists, he could be as precise as any high-fashion photographer. So summoned, you then shuffle nearer to inspect, being forced initially to keep cocking your head like a giant hen to be certain of what you have found. The first time I joined a night search, near Gisborne in , the party came across a glowing member of the Mycena genus, which is known to have dozens of bioluminescent species worldwide. Until then, however, Western science had not formally identified any glowing mushrooms in this country at all. Photo copyright Taylor Lockwood.

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This was the effect created by the fungal organism, or mycelium, growing and glowing on the spines of dead fern fronds still attached to their trees. When we moved our bodies into the next zoom level, and once our eyes could take in the sight, we also noticed this fungus had teensy mushrooms fruiting, and they too were lit up. Since , at least six other glow-in-the-dark species have been documented in this land: three more Mycena , two Armillaria , and one undescribed species that may be a Hydropus. He has taken striking photographs and helped document these beauties in at least seven countries including New Zealand.

In May last year — the southern autumn — another nighttime expedition took place and added a couple more species to the count. Six of us, at Lake Brunner in the South Island, entered the forest mainly with touristic intent.

West Haven Revisited, Connecticut (Images of America Series)

I had looked along the track by day and found M. Every ten meters or so, something different would emerge from the black. Despite not being a drug taker, I repeatedly had to check with myself this was not some kind of hallucination. A mycologist with the government institute Landcare Research, Peter Buchanan, who let me tag along on that first nighttime expedition, had now been dragged out by me on this one.

How does this rank among the highlights of your career? One of the highlights of my life was noticing what I will call an actual ghost on the forest floor. I had shuffled into an area that appeared to be all blackness and was gazing down at the approximate vicinity of my feet. I detected what could have been a dapple of moonlight on a leaf and bent to pick it up. Since the moonlight moved with my hand, I knew it was not a dapple at all but a glowing, decaying leaf.

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A leaf ghost. Now I too was seeing spirits in the night forests of New Zealand. I remember something much softer: white to pastel-green emissions that slowly dawn on you, gradually assuming their mushroom forms.