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Eli Rose has spent the second half of the 's living "off the grid" in Costa Rica, trying to escape the demons of his past. Unfortunately, his less than idyllic.
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He is shy, cute and pretty impressed by the sheriff in town, Lance. Lance is a dog shifter and trying to find out what it exactly is that Tim is trying to grow.

PDF The Next Best Man (Eli Rose Thrillers Book 2)

Because he susp Re-read June Always nice to relax with this audio. Because he suspects Tim is growing pot, he decides to keep an eye on him. And what a better way to do this than in his dog form. Tim feels his life is pretty hopeless. Thank heavens for his dog Chance. And why he reminds him of the overbearing sheriff of the town.. I adored Tim. He had a tough past, but he just kept going.

Montreal, QC

I just wanted to hug the shit out of him! The sex scenes were tender and hot! I was a bit confused at the end when I missed the important sentence of Lance turning back to human and where I thought I was reading a sex scene with Tim and Lance the dog. I was relieved to see it was my mistake and not Eli Easton venturing into the land of bestiality This was great fluff. With dogs!

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Aug 16, Exina rated it it was ok Shelves: alpha-males , everyone-liked-it-but-me , m-m , california , contemporary , shapeshifters , no-steam , undeveloped-romance , erotica , men-in-uniform. He is shy and awkward, and of course he is a stranger in the small town which has its secrets to guard. Lance happens to be a shapeshifter, and decides to use this ability to do some undercover work. Lots of misunderstanding, some matchmaking conspiracy, a little melodrama, but it all works out by the end. After that they had human babies with the ability to change , but now they change into dog form only for fun and to keep themselves young.

Romance Rushed, based only on physical attraction, but sadly has no goosebump-effect on me. The cover shows it clearly. Writing Style Fluffy and enjoyable. All in all Not my thing. Originally posted on my blog. View 2 comments. Mar 02, Meep rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy-paranormal-shifter , light-fun-read.

The first part of this is very light, cute and a bit silly. Would work as a Y. It reminded me of AggyBird's Were-Yorkie challenge of way back when and I was enjoying it, it put a smile on my face. Then the sex happened. As soon as the big 'quickened' secret is out the book started to loose it's appeal for me.

Until then big Sheriff Lance visiting Tim in his dog form and being called Chance was sweet and funny. But Tim loved Chance the dog, he didn't know Lance the man - I got the strongest impre The first part of this is very light, cute and a bit silly. But Tim loved Chance the dog, he didn't know Lance the man - I got the strongest impression he'd have been happier with the dog! And the sex. I like shifters; growly werewolves and purring werecats, but the snuffling, nuzzling weredog sex made me uncomfortable. Interesting idea, but also..

To me the epilogue was predictable and felt childish, it had been ignored for other plot then brought back for a grand finale that I didn't buy into. Sadly from the reveal on the story had lost it's charm for me. Oct 31, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha-goodness , crime-fighters , it-s-so-fluffy , medium-steam , series , gay-love , family-kids , laughed-my-ass-off , fantasy , sweet.

This book was exactly what I needed. It was so funny ; This wasn't anything like all the shifter books I've read. It's about dogs having the ability to shift into human form. Some are born with it, some develop it over time, after having a real tight bond with a human.

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Tim has quit his job because his former bussiness partner screwed him over and has moved into a cabin, owned by a former client. He's in need of a fresh start. He grows hybrid plants. He has 6 months to come up with something This book was exactly what I needed. He has 6 months to come up with something special for his former client, before he has to start paying rent.

So he starts working in the greenhouse on the property. Lance is the town sheriff and he doesn't trust any new comers. Especially not Tim, because Tim smells of pot and he doesn't want anybody growing weed in his town.

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Since Tim has difficulty speaking with Lance he is ver intimidated , Lance figures shifting in his dog form border collie and spying on Tim is the answer. So he fakes a doggy injury and Tim takes him home. For Tim it's love at first sight. He doesn't have any friends, and Chance that's the name he gives the dog , is all he has now. Tim was such a sweet guy.. I also loved Chance, the border collie. I have a border collie of my own and they are awesome and extremely loyal. Chance knew who Tim was and what he needed before Lance did.

It was cute and sweet and really funny. I won't go into the rest of the story It's not extremely steamy, but it's also a short book, so I think it was perfect the way it was. This book made me smile and swoon and happy!! I can't wait to read the next book : Thank you Elsbeth for recommending ; View all 16 comments. I've had this tbr for a while now and finally took the plunge. This is my first book by this author. It was really sweet and cute.

It was a nice easy read. I loved the different take on shifters with the "quickened". Poor Tim. He'd had a rough life and deserved someone to love him and take care of him. Lance took a little bit for me to warm up to him but I was glad to see him come around. But Lance's mom, Lily, almost ruined it for me. She got on my nerves so bad in the beginning. I was sitting he I've had this tbr for a while now and finally took the plunge.

I was sitting here thinking that Lance was the alpha of the pack but she didn't treat him with the respect he deserved. It was obvious he didn't "rule with an iron fist" but I wanted him to give her the what for and not let her talk to him like she did. And her meddling just caused Tim a bunch of heartache. She does get better and I was glad to see that she accepted Tim even though he was a man and not a woman. I am definitely interested in Roman's story. I feel so bad for him. He deserves a HEA. Sep 25, Sheziss rated it liked it Shelves: less-than , oh-my-you-almost-died , k-amaz , kindle , s , tortured-souls , english , gay-you-are-my-first , from-enemies-to-lovers , humor.

But this formula is nothing without appeal and talent, and Eli Easton has loads of that to turn a well-used storyline into something attractive and hilarious. Because, dogs. Why the hell nobody came up with this before? It makes so much sense! I try to imagine my own dog acting as human and that only makes me smile.

Or burst laughing. Just imagining him being the hero in a book makes swoon. So yes, positive vibes everywhere! However, I felt this could have gone further. The first half of the book or more can be considered a funny tale rather than a romance. I never got bored but I had the feeling the real crush comes very late in the book, and although the posterior development is believable, it was rushed and a little disappointing in how easy things and misunderstandings are sorted out.

No matter how you look at this, this is no good start for any kind of relationship, and much less of the romantic kind! Despite this, I got the impression this book needed to be much longer, needed to go further, in order to form a real bond together, based on true and clean feelings, so from a healthy and safe attachment a blooming relationship is formed. I believe it spoils the whole book. It was rather silly and childish. Yes, the boss is a bad guy, the MC and the whole town are the good guys. I got it. But was THAT really necessary?

Anyway, on to the next one! Shelves: m-m-goodness , grrr-mine , past-abuse , talk-to-me-my-beauty , shifters-and-vampires , favourites , looks-like-i-m-gay , light-and-fluffy. Loved Tim, he was so adorable and funny, had me chuckling throughout the entire book! Everyone knows this is a cute story as all Eli Easton stories are and that they should read this by now, so I won't sing its praises, but I will contribute to the cute dog pictures.

Matthew Shaw's voice were amazing!!! Matthew had me engaged from the first page till the last. I spent the large majority of yesterday listening to this is one sitting, stupid social life was the only reason I didn't get to finish it. View all 6 comments. Dog shifters isn't a theme that works for anything but a fluffy, slightly cheesy romance book. This was exactly what it promised to be.

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  8. Still, I can't give it more than 3 stars because although it did have its funny moments, the romance left a lot to be desired for me. And there was the slightly icky, stalkerish vibe I got from Lance that made me a bit reluctant to rate higher. Still cute though. Mar 26, Fabi rated it really liked it Shelves: pnr-uf , audible-romance-loan , kindle , published , mm-romance-gay-lit.

    Not only was this a super cute story but it's one of the best narrations I've heard in a while. View all 4 comments. I know. XD First of all, Ms. Easton's husband's idea of doing DOG shifters is brilliant. Imagine a guy that's loyal, protective, and headstrong, who wouldn't want a guy like that? Unlike wolf shifters, they like to be around people. They adore them. I loved Ms. Easton's take on dog shifters.

    Even though I have nothing to compare with this, I can tell it's a really good interpretation. Read the story to find out how foolish they are. I'm not sure if I liked Aw.

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    I'm not sure if I liked Lance. He seems like a dog, even when he's human. I sympathized with Tim. Good thing he ended up with someone who will take care of him. Also, the story ended well and really adorable. If you guys want some dog shifter sex, you have to be patient. Because it occured towards the end of the story. Roman's story is next! Feb 28, Dalia rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , paranormal , shifters. Team Lance!

    This was such an enjoyable read.

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    It's so adorable and funny with the right amount of fellings thrown in. It just made me feel all warm and mushy inside. Feb 02, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: age-gap , mm-shifters-or-weres , easy-fluff-read-or-low-angst , police-officers-federal-agents-etc , toppy-alpha-top , wrote-a-review. After reading most of Eli Easton's books last year, I can definitely say that I'm a fan. She's incredibly skilled at writing characters that I can really connect to on a personal level.

    But I honestly didn't think that a book about a town of dog shifters would be so good. I'm glad that I was wrong! Tim Weston moves to Mad Creek to make a fresh start in his life. He's shy and awkward, but he wants to succeed in this new town by selling his vegetables and specially-cultivated roses. Lance Beaufort is the sheriff of Mad Creek, and he's on the lookout for possible drug-related activity.